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all instruments shown are USA made by Conn-Selmer in Elkart Indiana  USA
Contents: (scroll down to find what you need)
-- Instruments
-- Supplies (and accessories)
-- Repairs
-- Repair Supplies (for the do it yourselfer)

Student Instruments:  (CL 301 shown)

Your Choice of:
Vito V7212PC -- composite, 0.584" bore, nickel plated keys
Vito V7214PC -- composite, 0.584" bore, nickel plated keys, bell ring
Selmer CL301(shown at right) -- composite, 0.590" bore, under cut tone holes, nickel plated keys 

Intermediate ("step-up, performance") instruments -- these are the ideal instruments for  7th - 12th grade students and serious amateur adults who play in local community ensembles.  They are wood instruments designed to perform well for 20+ years and respond well to challenging music. 

Hannemann Music offers a 3 - 4 month payment plan (depending on instrument).
Rentals --
Hannemann Music rents clarinets on long term and short term rentals.
Long term rentals -- $80 for the school year, $140 for the calendar year
Short term rentals -- $25/mo.
All rentals come with 4 reeds, cork grease, swab, and mouthpiece brush.
Hannemann Music provides no-cost maintenance and normal repair during the rental period.
Supplies (and accessories)

Hannemann Music offers a variety of supplies for the clarinet -- reeds, cork grease, swabs, ligatures, mouthpieces

folding music stand


Vandoren Clarinet reeds - box of 10


Selmer cork grease


Hodge silk swab



Complete re-pad $160 (springs extra).  All other repairs at $40/hour $20 minimum.

.....Repair supplies, parts, and tools
If you choose to do it your self Hannemann Music sells parts and tools listed below:

Pad sets $52 -- single pads 4.50 each
Pad slick $6
Pad glue -- French cream stick shellac (recommended) $18/stick
Digital Caliper $80
Spring set $25
Spring pliers $90
--other specialty tools available
-- keys and other parts available by instrument brand and model.

The Complete Woodwind Repair Manual, Reg Thorpe - Possibly the most complete manual on repair for all woodwinds;  550 pages with 950 diagrams -- $140.