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About Hannemann Music

Q -- You seem to do so many things:  What is Hannemann Music?

Hannemann Music is the umbrella business for all the music related activities of Richard Hannemann:  as a musician and as the owner the local music store in Los Alamos, New Mexico

Hannemann Music was first established in 2005 as an independent recording/publishing vehicle to bring together Mr. Hannemann's music with the audience for that music.  As such, Hannemann Music offers the cd album(s), method book(s), and printed music scores that constitute Mr. Hannemann's body of work and catalogue.

Most visitors to this site will find the pages "Musician Richard Hannemann", "The Musician cd album", and "Publications - scores and books" of broad general interest.
In 2007 Mr. Hannemann moved to his hometown of Los Alamos, NM where the local music store was on the verge of closing (the previous owner was retiring) and he opened up the 3rd version this local music store.  Hannemann Music was expanded to include that business which entails 1) retail instrument sales, 2) retail sales of instrument supplies and accessories, 3) instrument repair services, and 4) piano tuning services.

Additionally, Mr. Hannemann teaches guitar locally.

The pages "Guitar Lessons", "Hannemann Music Store", "Repair services", and "Piano Services" will be of more interest to the local area serving Los Alamos, The Jemez, Espanola and the Valley, and Santa Fe.