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Local Music Teachers in Los Alamos

As the owner of the local music store here in Los Alamos I am often asked who offers private music lessons for a variety of instruments.  This page lists some of the private music instructors offering services locally.
Bonnie Olsen
Children’s piano & complete musicianship classes (Certified Teacher of  Let’s Play Music   curriculum)
Melissa Riedel-Espinoza, 
I don't use my phone too much for this because it's never on, so just use email: melissariedel@live.com  66 Futura Dr (WR), I teach voice and beginning piano, degree in vocal performance, teaching for 15 years, waiting list right now, but that changes frequently.
Scott Beguin
I teach beginning to advanced drums, percussion, and drumset. I have been doing so for 20 years. I can be reached at D.O.M.E.(Drumming On My Equipment) 505-670-5346 or via email
Kirsten Stromberg


Cassie "Wickham" Santoro   Piano

Find out more about Cassie on her website