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Contents: (scroll down to find what you need)
-- Instruments
-- Supplies (and accessories)
-- Repairs
-- Repair Supplies (for the do it yourselfer)

Rentals --
Hannemann Music rents flutes on long term and short term rentals.
Long term rentals -- $80 for the school year, $150 for the calendar year
Short term rentals -- $25/mo.
All rentals come with flute rod and swab.
Hannemann Music provides no-cost maintenance and normal repair during the rental period.
Supplies and accessories
Folding music stand $15
Flute rod, metal or plastic $5
Silk swab $15
Stick Bore Swab $10
Duster Brush $3
Selmer Wristband Lyre $25
"Flutists Friend" Lyre $25
Flip Folders $10
K&M Flute stand $25
Lip Protector $15
BoPep Finger Rest $13
BoPep Finger Saddle $13
BoPep Thumb Rest $13
Key Oil $5
Polishing Cloth $10
Cases -- we offer a variety of cases, call for pricing.

Repair work..... 
Shop rates are $40/hour with a $20 minimum.  A complete re-pad is $160 (includes new foot corks where needed).  Springs and dent removal extra.
........and Repair supplies
If you choose to do it your self Hannemann Music sells parts and tools listed below:

Digital Caliper $80
Pads - $60/set, 3.35 each
     (pad sets are also available specific to some flutes by         brand/model -- call for pricing and availability).
Flute Pad Shims $8.50 per 100, 10 cents each.
Flute Clamps $15 ea
Pad Slick $6
Pad Iron $13.50
----- other available parts include head crowns, head corks, pad screws, pad washers, thumb lever springs, spring wire
----- body and key parts by brand/model -- call for pricing and availability.
Flute Key Leveler $7 
Flute Height Gauge $5.50
Flute Pad Cup Pliers $65
Spring Pliers $90
Flute Head Joint Mandrel $72
Flute Body Mandrel $60
Flute Dent Tool $52
Flute Tenon Expander $170
Flute Tenon Shrinking Die $150

The Complete Woodwind Repair Manual, Reg Thorpe - Possibly the most complete manual on repair for all woodwinds;  550 pages with 950 diagrams -- $140.