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Repair Services


We do band, orchestra, acoustic/classical guitar, and piano instrument repair.  Rates are based on $40/hr shop time.  We do offer the following packages


Flute or clarinet re-pad -- $160.00: includes price of pads, footcorks and other regulating corks as needed, regulate, clean and polish.  Springs, tenon corks, and/or body work extra.


Alto sax repad -- same service as above $260.00

Tenor sax repad -- same service as above $290.00


Trumpet annual maintenance service -- $40.00: Complete clean - inside and out - and polish, replace felts, corks, and springs as needed.  Dent work extra.


Trombone and French Horn annual maintenance service -- as above $55.


We also offer the supplies and tools needed for the do-it-yourselfer.

Repair videos and photos
Orchestra Instruments
New bridge, new strings, tighten tuning pins
Re-gluing the back
Band instruments