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all models shown are USA made by Conn-Selmer in Elkhart Indiana USA.

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-- Instruments
-- Supplies (and accessories)
-- Repairs
     Bach TR300H2  

King 601  
Rentals --
Hannemann Music rents trumpets on long term and short term rentals.
Long term rentals -- $80 for the school year, $140 for the calendar year
Short term rentals -- $25/mo.
All rentals come with snake, mouthpiece brush, casing brush, tuning grease, and valve oil.
Hannemann Music provides no-cost maintenance and normal repair during the rental period.
Al Kass Valve Oil    $7.00
Bach Tuning Grease  $5.00
Trumpet Snake (bore brush)  $10.00
Mouthpiece brush  $4.00
Casing brush  $4.00
Bach standard mouthpieces  $70.00
Harmon mutes $56.00
Bach Stradivarius straight mute $65.00
Bach valve guard  $12.00
Neo-tech brass wrap valve guard (great for cold weather) $10.00
Lyre  $10.00
Flip folder $10.00
Folding Music Stand  $15.00

Repairs --
We recommend an annual general maintenance and cleaning service which includes: mild inside acid cleaning with "Slime-Away", check and replace as needed felts, pads, and springs  $45.00

Hannemann music also does dent work and re-laquering -- rates are $35/hr.

We do not recommend home repairs, however we do offer repair supplies as needed.